Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jamming With Chester Brown

From a 19-page jam comic in Cerebus World Tour Book 1995
Art by Dave Sim & Chester Brown

(from Cerebus World Tour Book 1995)
Chester Brown and Bob Burden were both guests at one of those We're Going To Do The Definitive Toronto Con Toronto cons that happen, it seems, just about every other weekend. I went down to get them and bring them back to Kitchener (Toronto people just HATE it when I do that) to work on a jam story. Bob broke a tooth and went home early, so it was just me and Chet. I ruled up a page, put border tapes on and asked him to draw the first panel. Then I sat down and did the second panel. Then he did the third panel. We kept the story going by mail (until, unfortunately, the 1992 US Tour planning knocked it off my list of priorities). We'll get it going again. Chet suggests that we get some other guys in on it, which sounds like a good idea. Don't know WHOM we'd get, but it sounds like a good idea. I feel safe in saying that, whatever happens, the story will never make any sense. That's half the fun right there.

I told Chet I'd send him a cheque when I asked him about printing the story here [in Cerebus World Tour Book 1995]. He said the thought hadn't occurred to him. So I told him I won't be sending him a cheque and not to think about it anymore.

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