Friday, 18 May 2012

Cerebus Bi-Weekly Reprints

Cerebus Bi-Weekly (1988-1992)
Art by Dave Sim
(from an interview in The Comics Journal #130, July 1989)
If I want to get readers involved in the storyline in comics shops, I'm going to have to give them comic books. I don't consider it shoddy. I like the fact that the Bi-Weekly reprints everything. It's kind of a gas going through 1977 and '78 again. Doing the historical stand point satisfied the artistic need to have the whole story told again, all the letters pages and whatnot. But also there are people who bought Cerebus from issue one and had to sell their collection at some point. This way they've everything back that they ever had and everybody gets to own a complete collection. It frees up a lot of the collector's issues back into the collector's market because people who were just hanging on to them because of the letters pages - fuck, don't worry about it: you can get one for a buck and a quarter that's got everything in it that you've got in this original one right here... Also realise you've got to have an on-ramp for people. There are a lot of people who've been saying all along that they would buy Cerebus if they could just start from the beginning, and are not going to start with a $25 book.

Reprints of 80 single issues of Cerebus were published bi-weekly by Aardvark-Vanaheim based around the main arcs of the story: Cerebus Bi-Weekly #1-26 (December 1988 to November 1989), Cerebus: High Society #1-25 (February 1990 to January 1991), Cerebus: Church & State #1-30 (February 1991 to April 1992).

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