Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ebony Dreams

Elephantmen: Ebony Dreams (Hero Comics 2012)
By Dave Sim with Richard Starkings

(from Cerebus TV Episode 111, 4 May 2012)
Elephantmen's Richard Starkings is a very experimental kind'a guy. When you're trying to keep to a monthly schedule, relying completely on freelance talent, you pretty well have to be. To say the least he's used a wide spectrum of talent: pure cartoonists like David Hine, stylists like Chris Bachalo, cybernetic painters like Moritat, from Tom Scioli (the Kirby clones' Kirbyclone), to the evocative pastel stylings of Canada’s own Marian Churchland.

So while I was working on my Elephantmen cover I was thinking, "Here’s a guy with pages to fill. I wonder if he'd be up for a Judenhass style story." That is, a story pasted up from fragments of the single illustration I was already doing for him. It sure doesn’t hurt to ask. Just like to ask, "Do you want another couple of those? Same price?" It doesn't hurt to ask.

Hero Comics 2012 is published by IDW and is on sale now at $3.99.

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