Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mind Game II

Cerebus #28 (July 1981)
Art by Dave Sim

(from the No More Games essay in Following Cerebus #8, May 2006)
As with Mind Game I, however, the most interesting part of Mind Games II is not the (again murky) metaphysics, but the presentation of the political backdrop. Cerebus brushed aside the conflicts between the Cirinists, Kelvillists and Illusionists because, according to him, it's the Orthodox Tarminites who "run the show". This allows Sim, through Po, to present the social and political landscape by describing the rift in the Church of Tarim (with conflicting seats of power in both Iest and Serrea), Cirin's quest for power, and the ostensible powerlessness of the Illusionists. Cerebus becomes suspicious of Po's truthfulness, however. In the end Cerebus wonders in which group he should throw his lot. Po argues against the Cirinists and suggests the Eastern Church of Tarim - though even that may not be ideal. Ironically, in Church & State, Cerebus finds himself not merely aligned with the Eastern Church, but its Pope.

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