Monday, 21 May 2012

Wait. What?

Glamourpuss #24 (March 2012)
Art by Dave Sim
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Glamourpuss #24 was just one of many fine comic books under discussion in episode 82 of the Wait. What? podcast, hosted by Jeff Lester, at The Savage Crtics on 10 April 2012. The following comments were posted later in the comments section of their site:

I read the first two issues of Glamourpuss (and maybe even bought them?) when they first came out. Sim's essay was definitely the main part of the book then, but it had yet to become this... this amazing thing. Since then, I've gone back and bought two more back issues and they do indeed set up this car ride with Raymond and Drake in extensive detail... but not only did that sequence I read stand alone, it really upped the ante on the storytelling I'm seeing in the two issues preceding it. Stunning stuff. 

Glamourpuss isn't the sort of book/art where you want to separate the artist from the work. That would be missing the point! We're paying our money to watch Dave Sim be himself. Hell, he gives you no choice - Sim is really putting himself into the book. The parts about Drake and Raymond are as much about Sim himself, or at least about Sim telling this story and relating to it/what he thinks they must have been discussing and thinking. Check it out - I'm a little calmer now, but was at least as excited as Jeff was after the first issue I read. It will definitely be a change of pace from the last comic you read.

But goddamn is it beautiful looking. I was marvelling at the delicacy and artfulness of his line last night and it was breathtaking. That double page spread is flat out one of the best pieces of comic art I've seen in a long time. Picked it up thanks to your enthusing Jeff. You should enthuse more!

Back issues of Glamourpuss are always available at ComiXpress.

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