Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Zootanapuss #4

Zootanapuss #4 (variant cover to Glamourpuss #25, May 2012)
Art by Dave Sim

(from Alexa & Dave: A Conversation, 23 May 2012)
Glamourpuss is the most fun thing I've ever seen. It's a social commentary, a contribution to society. It's so important. I have an anthropology background and I ultimately believe that works of art and culture like comic books, art, novels, newspaper clippings - all these things, they are a statement of where we are at and of who we are today as a society.

Glamourpuss is a statement. Maybe it's specifically a statement about women, or fashion or women in fashion, and how ridiculous that culture is, but it's something. And it's funny. Sometimes it's shocking, but like I said, that's what sells.

There's also an educational element to your work that I particularly enjoy. I have a passion for history (which is my traditional educational background, anthropology came later) and you spin a history. You tell a tale. Some people may find this boring. Ok, Dave, I'm sorry, some reviews have called this boring. But I think it adds depth to an otherwise satirical comic-book. You don't want this to be MAD magazine do you?

Finally, what drew me to your work? Well, it was the clothes, the beautiful way that you take the clothes from the glossy pages from the magazine and transfer them to comic book form. The women's hair, their accessories, they all look magnificent transferred onto the comic book panel. My favorite game to play when reading is spot that designer. I read so many magazines I can often pick out your original inspiration.

This is a big, big deal as a female comic book reader.

Glamourpuss #25 is on sale right now at your local comics shop.


adampasz said...

It's interesting the series has been getting so much buzz lately. I picked up the first few issues, but have to admit, I didn't quite "get it". Hopefully there will be a collected edition (Phone Book?) coming out some day.

Eric Hoffman said...

Issue #26 will the last and a collected edition will be made available soon thereafter.