Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cerebus vs Cirin

Cerebus vs Cirin: Hyper-Detailed Battle Scene
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
Huge 15x20 Commission by Dave Sim and Gerhard of Cerebus and Cirin battling it out in the temple where Cirin cuts off Cerebus' ear...Basically I told Dave I would like Cerebus vs Cirin in the temple room with reflections. Then Dave went to town and depicted the scene of Cirin cutting off his ear. As you know Cerebus was backed in a corner with no where to go which enabled Cirin to chop the ear off. Dave did an Amazing job on his part and now it was in Gerhard's corner. Basically Gerhard didn't want to lose that aspect of the battle so he tried a bunch of different angles. The one that made it to the finished piece you see is basically we are the corner looking at them. That's the perspective. Nothing short of genius.

(via Comic Art Fans)

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Mas said...

Matthew E: You are one lucky SOB to own that piece. Wicked details and I love that perspective/reflection in the floor work. That was one of my favorite Cerebus scraps too. 15x20? Nice Euro sized art.

Although every time I see Cirin I invariably remember when the throne split in two and Cirin is still going on and on (and on..."LIES!") and she's put way over there so that Cerebus can be engaged in civil discourse (I'm paraphrasing). lol.

Oh, if only I could do the same sometimes.