Thursday, 21 June 2012

Missing: 2200 Pages Of Cerebus Artwork!

(from Kickstarter Update #25, 20 June 2012)
A Public Plea: I don't know how far this will go, but it's definitely a Prime Concern: If you know anyone with Cerebus original artwork (either personally or online/Facebook/Comic Art Sites etc. it would be really, really, really helpful if you could get them to scan their page(s) at 600 dpi grayscale AND 600 dpi CMYK and forward the digital files to me on disk by escargot mail or to George Gatsis at (UPDATE: George has asked that if you can, please scan at 600 dpi RGB saved as maximum image quality JPEG and one scan per email, please. If you can scan higher, that would be great!) The plan is to substitute original art scans for digital conversion scans on all future trade paperback printings and (particularly) with any future 11x17 reproductions. 

Credit will appear at the bottom of the page:
From the collection of _____________
if it's from a private collection

Courtesy of ____________
followed by the name and URL of whatever art dealer or auction house had it when it was scanned, and:
facilitated by [your name here]
if you were the one who found the page, the owner and arranged for the scanning and e-mailing.

Free autographed funnybooks and thank you letter to all concerned. No idea how long it will take to track down and scan all 6,000 pages (there are 3,800 in the Cerebus Archive) or even how many pages still exist (it's not hard to imagine someone buying an early page for $20 at a convention and later going "What was I THINKING?" and trashing it. Anyway, any and all help with spreading the word via News site, Twitter feed, re-tweet, re-re-tweet, Pony Express or whatever IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED (sorry, to go ALL CAPS on you there) (sincerely sorry).

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Mas said...

I remember in one of your Note From the Presidents (or the Cerebus Guide to Self Publishing...I've read them in both formats) that you mentioned keeping the negatives and keeping them fort knox safe so I'm assuming you still have your negatives. Would it possible to scan a print from the negatives or something similar?