Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cerebus Original Art Auction

(by email, 6 June 2012)
While talking with Dave Sim earlier today, he mentioned that A Moment Of Cerebus is a website dedicated to all things Cerebus and Dave Sim. I had previously mentioned to Dave that I was putting a number of my Cerebus original art pages into an upcoming Metropolis Art Auction and he thought it might be a good idea if I drop you a line to maybe see if you’d be willing to mention this on the site. Here's the list of pages I'm selling with links to the auction, which ends on 13th August:

Issue #7 page 6 (1977)
Issue #18 page 9 (1978)
Issue #19 page 2 (1978)
Issue #19 page 11 (1978)
Issue #20 page 5 (1978) signed
Issue #20 page 9 (1978) signed
Issue #21 page 2 (1978)

During my 14 years of owning Pacific Comics (with my brother Steve), I purchased a wide range of main stream comic book artwork, as well as indy artists that I either had worked with, knew of, or just enjoyed their artwork. Dave fell into all 3 categories, so I was pleased to purchase these pages I believe at that years San Diego Comicon (I don't recall who I purchased them from some 30+ years ago). I was also able to work with Dave during my publishing days and I published Dave Sim's Six Deadly Sins of Cerebus Portfolio back in the day.

From 1971 through 1985, I was pretty active in buying artwork, lithographs and other comic related items (I have about 4,000 pieces in my collection - of which old comics consist of less than 100 total). I've never sold anything before and felt this would be a good time to see what the market will bear for some of my items, the proceeds of which will help me pay for some upgrades to my house.

Bill Schanes, together with his brother Steve, co-founded Pacific Comics in 1971. Pacific Comics was an early pioneer in the direct market method of selling comic books, and from 1981 was a publisher in its own right, actively promoting creator-owned properties by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Dave Stevens, Mike Grell and others. After Pacific Comics closed its doors in 1984, Bill joined Steve Geppi's Diamond Comic Distributors and is currently Vice President for Purchasing.

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