Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bill Schanes' Cerebus Art Auction - Last Day!

Your chance to own a piece of Cerebus original artwork ends on today at 6pm EDT. Place your bid now! UPDATE: The auction is now over. The final bids were as follows:

Issue #7 page 6 (1977) - Sold for $407
"This was the last page where I slavishly tried to make everything look as if it was inked by Barry Windsor-Smith, so it's quite a historical landmark page in the evolution of my drawing style on Cerebus"- Dave Sim

Issue #18 page 9 (1978) - Sold for $675
"A good example of my 'pooled shadows' style of inking--everything done in high contrast sharply defined blacks and luminous whites. Issue #18 was the 'apex' of that style which I used between issues 14 and 23." - Dave Sim

Issue #19 page 2 (1978) - Sold for $675
"This was the first time that I tried to draw someone I actually knew into the story -- the girl is based on my sister-in-law at the time, Karen Loubert. Another good 'pooled shadows' page." - Dave Sim

Issue #19 page 11 (1978) - Sold for $825

Issue #20 page 5 (1978) signed - Sold for $825
 "The first 'Mind Game' (there were four in the course of the 300-issue storyline). The "Mind Game" in this case was that the 20 pages -- when laid out in five rows of four pages each -- formed a giant picture of Cerebus. The gray areas in the background of this page were the three fingers of the giant Cerebus' left hand." - Dave Sim

Issue #20 page 9 (1978) signed - Sold for $825
 "I was inspired by Neal Adams' 'hidden head' that he did in his Ben Casey newspaper strip and later in a page of Deadman where the individual panels formed a larger image -- stealing his trick and 'super-sizing' it." - Dave Sim

Issue #21 page 2 (1978) - Sold for $697
"Another good example of my 'pooled shadows' style in panels 4 and 5. The super-hero parody issues always sold better than usual, which generated the rumour that most copies of this issue had been lost in a truck accident (when the retailers were caught short) and that issue was, consequently, rare. It wasn't rare, it was just purchased by different people, leaving regular Cerebus fans having to hunt for their own copies." - Dave Sim

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