Wednesday, 17 October 2012

CBR: 'High Society Digital' Review

(from Everything Old Is New Again, Again by Graeme McMillan, CBR, 16 October 2012)
...Comic book history is littered with series that have fallen before their time... Almost all of these series have some element of fanbase still out there, and still active; could the creators - or whoever controls the rights - for these titles and characters bring them back digitally, and in the process, either complete unfinished stories or release unseen material from that period to offer added value to that which did appear the first time around?

The current Cerebus: High Society digital release is an example of that second idea, of course; not only does the digital release offer the complete content of the print issue, but it has all manner of background material from invoices to sketches from the era, making the digital issue a must-read for even the most ardent of Cerebus fan. It's the DVD extra idea, transferred to comics, but it's the kind of idea that makes me wonder whether or not it could bring a second life to all manner of books that had disappeared long before their time...

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