Saturday, 13 October 2012

Clarification: IDW's 'High Society Audio Visual' DVD Edition

(from When Reporters Repeat, The Savage Critics, 10 October 2012)
So, the Dave Sim / IDW press release went out wide, and several sources are specifically reporting the story as though this means that IDW is publishing a paper collection of Cerebus comics. I do not think this is correct. In fact, I'm sure it isn’t. Read the release again, slowly - this HAS to be for a DVD (?) collection of  the digital files, not a print book...

I appreciate Brian Hibbs' When Reporters Repeat. My bad. Sincere apologies. I don't speak the language of 2012. I said "hard copy" in the press release because it seemed like a way to differentiate a DVD from just downloading 0s and 1s. I appreciate him correcting it.

I'm also not really picturing a "rare and expensive EXCLUSIVELY" version from IDW LIMITED. From what I understand IDW does make their rare items available they're just expensive even at wholesale...

(I have to be careful, I don't know what's confidential information here: I guess the retailers asked them to take the prices off of their Artist's Editions so the retailers could mark them up to what they needed to mark them up to. Which I can see:  part of what you're selling in that case is the copy of Wally Wood Stories in that particular store. You don't need to pay shipping, as the customer. You can just buy it, strap it to the hood of your car like a moose you just hunted and drive away) :)

...It's going to take a lot of discussion to come up with a package -- or packages -- that make sense: building it from the DVD out. What can we do to make the "only 10 of them" $500 version just unbelievably cool so that you get off on it when it's sitting all closed up on your coffee table just as much when you're reading and listening to it? It's not how I think, but it does seem to be where we are/where we're going as an environment. I was and am perfectly content with the High Society trade paperback "as is" but "as is" doesn't seem to be where we are/where we're going.

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