Tuesday, 23 October 2012

HARDtalk: The Virtual Tour #31

M. Keener has a question for me at BLEEDING COOL:
Any chance of a digital edition of the SELF-PUBLISHING GUIDE (say, via Amazon Kindle)? I'd imagine it would be a lot less involved, as far as digital pre-press goes, and it would surely be helpful to new cartoonists.  

James Waley at TERMINAL DRIFT posted the news of Blair Kitchen's liver transplant:
Posted on FB today by Blair’s wife Rochelle, thought you’d like to know …

...and John Mosher at THE BEAT asks:
Dave, In our never ending quest to heap work upon you, allow me to ask about the item I would like to see most. Is there any chance we could see a coffee table book - 11 x 14 or so - on high quality slick paper showcasing all 300 covers? I would shell out $150 for that…..

Hit the links to BLEEDING COOL, TERMINAL DRIFT and THE BEAT for the answers to those questions, and I'll be back here tomorrow for more of your HARDtalk questions.

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Adam Ell said...

Thanks John. Thanks Heidi.