Wednesday, 24 October 2012

HARDtalk: The Virtual Tour #32

TT at THE BEAT has some questions for me:
Hi Dave. I’m sorry to hear that finances doesn’t look very good. And I’ve got a HARDtalk question for you along those lines. I know that you are very pro self publishing. And that you have expressed doubts at for example TMNT franchising, and for example said no to the possibility of a cerebus action figure connected with the crossover back in the days. Is there anything that you regret concerning letting other companies use the cerebus trademark?

Do you now think a little more laxed view might have been good for your trademark and financially gainful. Or are you as adamant now as ever?

Also, in your thoughts about getting an other job. Is a drawing-kind-of-work out of the question? Do you view all your artistic work the same way, or might we one day meet Dave Sim corporate logo designer or advertisement creator? All the best to you.

...and Glen at CANADIAN COMICS ARCHIVE asks:
I remember one of you “Notes from the President” stating you might like to write a play after Cerebus was finished. Did you ever accomplish that goal? Also have you ever submitted a column and/or article to the National Post? They might be receptive to your take on current events here in Canada and around the world.

...and Illusionator at MINDLESS ONES asks:
What was the original motivation to do the “Mind Games” issues? They were a startling idea at the time.

Hit the links to THE BEAT, CANADIAN COMICS ARCHIVE and MINDLESS ONES for the answers to those questions, and be here tomorrow for more HARDtalk.

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