Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Fantagraphics Offer: Update #11

In the final issue of his self-published Glamourpuss, Dave Sim included an essay reflecting on the end of the series, and the possible end of his professional involvement with comics. The reaction online was widespread, and soon turned to a discussion of the future of Sim's earlier work, Cerebus. On a comments thread at, Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson expressed his potential interest in republishing some of Sim's Cerebus material. Sim, arguably the most iconic self-publisher in comics history, responded to that 'open offer' in a lengthy article at, and indicated his willingness to negotiate with Kim on a possible publishing deal for Cerebus, albeit in the public forum of the comments section at the website. Got all that? Now read on for highlights from the latest postings...

I’m gonna be a contrarian here: I think this public negotiation while unorthodox has been useful, if only because a number of my convictions about the project have been buttressed both by committed CEREBUS fans and by comics readers whose theoretical interest in Sim’s work has been thwarted by the current format the work appears in, which I think has got to impact Dave’s thinking on it. (I think Dave would also have to be heartened by e.g. R. Fiore’s full-throated support of the work as a whole - and the fact that no one really seems to give a shit about the “misogynist” thing insofar as it impacts this project.) I actually think if I’d had this same negotiation/argument with Dave privately we’d be much less far along. It’s also been undeniably entertaining. If Dave and I had negotiated privately, the world wouldn’t have had this thread to enjoy.

And it’s thrown open the doors to other publishers to throw their hats into the ring if they so desire by clarifying Dave’s willingness to even consider a publisher for his work. I am not kidding when I say I would be perfectly satisfied if this whole thing achieved nothing more than Dave deciding he couldn’t work with us but some other publisher stepping in and succeeding in a project like this. Read the full post here...

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