Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dave Sim Brings Cerebus Into The Digital Age

(from 'Dave Sim Brings Cerebus Into The Digital Age' at Publishers Weekly, 12 December 2012)
...the series still represents an unprecedented triumph in self-publishing and is one of the earliest examples of independent publishing success, planting the seeds for the current wave of creator-owned independent and self-published comics...

...Asked about his hopes for Cerebus' revival and its new publishing ventures, Sim was hopeful and blunt: "the same as everyone else’s in the Internet age: that somehow it goes viral." If Digital High Society in its various forms is successful, other Cerebus books are likely to follow, bringing Sim closer to his goal of digitizing the entire series. For that the author still has a long and uncertain way to go, but as he says, "Anything’s possible."

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