Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gerhard's Photos: '92 Tour Stops

Jeff Tundis had posted a bunch of my old photos on his Art of Gerhard website quite a while ago. I've just started going through my old photos again and here are a few that aren't on his website. 

Some Stops On The '92 Tour:
Dave signs autographs at our table with all of the art for sale that we lugged around. We sold quite a few, which helped finance airfare, hotels and... uhm... "incidental expenses".

Here's me auctioning off some artwork. We always had trouble setting a price for the pages and decided to let the people who wanted the page determine its value.

Another city, another signing, another bunch of pages sold, then home to draw some more.

Another city, another hotel, another table... we hit a lot of locations across the U.S. and they all looked very similar; an airport, a freeway, a hotel room, a restaurant, a room full of people... some of whom you get to meet once for few a minutes, stacks and piles and heaps of books to sign, another restaurant/bar, back to the room, then back on the freeway and back to the airport. Now, was that Dallas or St. Louis? It was Pittsburgh?!!?

Gerhard provided background art to Dave Sim's cast of Cerebus characters between issue #65 (August 1984) and #300 (March 2004) - contributing to over 4,700 pages of comic art, as well as numerous Cerebus covers and illustrations. Keep up to date on all of Gerhard's current projects at his blog and website, including details of his new book, The Wish.

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Tony Dunlop said...

I met Dave at the Minneapolis stop of this tour! He did a very elaborate Most Holy sketch in the guestbook at an exhibition of drawings of a local artist and Cerebus fan. Some scum-sucking low-life jackoff later stole the guestbook. No doubt said jackoff will spend the rest of eternity neck-deep in an industrial swine "farm"'s manure pool.