Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lower Interest Rates Or Death!

Cerebus #40 (July 1982)
Art by Dave Sim
(from Obsessions, Hard Truths, & A Plush Aardvark, Comics Bulletin, 19 January 2013)
The awesome, but hilarious scenes at the convention when they're negotiating and everyone's making their speeches and they're hanging Elrod by his feet and lighting him on fire, to attack the people outside and then my favourite phrase ever in Cerebus: 'lower interest rates or death.' Sim's storytelling chops are breathtaking; I mean Sim really got to be an amazing cartoonist and then he continually improved his storytelling throughout his entire career. I think High Society is probably the most relatable. Church and State starts really nicely too; it's got that great couple of issues with Wolveroach (a Wolverine parody for which Sim was accused of plagiarism by Marvel), but also that really nice storyline with Cerebus and the Countess, which at the time when I read it seemed like the most mature relationship I'd ever read in comics.

Jason Sacks is the publisher and owner of Comics Bulletin

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