Thursday, 24 January 2013

Steve Peters: A Cerebus Reader In Crisis

Cerebus Readers In Crisis #4 (2009)
Cover art by Dave Sim with Steve Peters
The main feature of this issue is a story by me, entitled "Me Vs. Dave Sim"; it is the story of how I began corresponding with Dave Sim in the early '90′s, and how we had a disastrous falling-out a few years later.

Cerebus Readers In Crisis #4 is available from Effing Magnifier Publishing and you can read a preview here.

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Jeff Seiler said...

This issue turned out to be the last--so far. It also was the most professional of the four, not the least reason for which being the supremely talented entries by Steve and Max. Max's story is my favorite of the approximately 20 or so separate entries in this anthology series. He told me he has plans to reprint it elsewhere with some of his other stuff. CRIC was, by far, the most fun I ever had with comics, except for whenever I was in the same room with Dave Sim!