Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Celibacy & Ascetic Living

Cerebus #178 (January 1994)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
(from the Cerebus Yahoo Group 2004-2006, reprinted in Dave Sim Conversations)
I always saw [Suenteus Po's ascetic lifestyle] as an unattainable ideal. Even when I was a complete pagan and aware of forces that existed in the universe and the hidden nature of things I was aware that celibacy and ascetic living were efficacious. I was, however, still mired in my own "Acquired Tastes" phase... I was always very self-isolating and solipsistic. I never connected with anything in any way that approached the way I connected with comic books so the world always seemed like a series of transparently fake portrayals which only served to make me more interested in reality and in finding a way to perceive more accurately. Suenteus Po and I shared a motivation in that. But I was still at the mercy of my hormones...

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