Saturday, 23 March 2013

Thirty Cameras

Backcover Photo, Cerebus #178 (January 1994)
Photo by Tim Young, Fantastic Store, London
(from an interview with Sandeep Atwal, Filler, 1996)
...[At] the end of tour party in the UK in '86 I guess. We finished off in a pub around the corner from a store in London and a lot of people have cameras and at one point, Ger and I moved to the same part of the room and all of a sudden there's this whole ring of people with cameras, and there's just this white light - flash-flash-flash-flash-flash. I never have to experience that again, now I know what it's like when you're surrounded by thirty cameras all going off at the same time, and you're sitting in the middle of the white light...

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