Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm God

I'm God (Star*Reach #9, June 1977)
Script by Dave Sim, Art by Fabio Gasbarri
(Reprinted in Star*Reach Companion, TwoMorrows Publishing, July 2013)
(from Cerebus Archive # 15, August 2011)
...I've tried to track down photos and information on Fabio Gasbarri but the only thing I turned up was an exhibit of his paintings in Brantford Ontario in 2008. Since he might be one of those guuys who would really rather not have his one-time connection to the comic-book field either identified or reopened, I'm going to leave it at that and let his work... speak for itself. In the intervening thirty-five years, I've had no cause -- and still have no cause -- to revisit my opinion that Fabio was an avant-garde comic-book prodigy. And I'm pleased that his short career includes two of my stories.

Cerebus Archive #5 (December 2009)
Art by Dave Sim


Anonymous said...

Interesting how Dave has repeated the "I'm God" story, namely at the ends of both Church and State and Mothers and Daughters.

Basically, protagonist meets famed celestial being who is ultimately a disappointment. Dave even repeats the joke of giving the celestial being an ordinary name (Norman, George, and Dave, respectively).

I wonder what it is about that theme that so appeals?

Anonymous said...

Because if you ever do meet God or someone claiming to be him no matter who it is you'd be bound to be disappointed. At least I would.