Friday, 23 August 2013

The iPetition: James Loh

(iPetition signatory no. 221, 22 February 2010)
As a kid growing up reading comic books, Cerebus showed me what the medium was capable of, and as I've grown older, how few creators, at least in the mainstream, rise to the challenge. I do not believe that Dave Sim is a misogynist/hates women, and I find no evidence of this in any of his writings. People have inaccurately described a very talented man clearly and concisely laying out his opinions as being hateful, when I would argue that Sim's opinions have been expressed without any malice, or emotive statements. You may disagree with him, you may STRONGLY disagree with him, but to respond with such anger as to label a man a misogynist is discrimination in itself; to hate a person for their difference of opinion. 

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Anonymous said...

My views on the man haven't changed, if anything I've only grown to respect him and his talents more so. I suspect Dave and Gerhard will always be artistic inspirations to me. - James Loh

Jeff Seiler said...

Nicely phrased, James, both then and now. When I signed the petition, I just stuck with a simple statement that I did not believe Dave to be a misogynist. I was afraid that if I tried to write something like what you wrote, I would have wound up being unable to be concise, given my many interactions with him and all of the positive inferences I have made about him over the years based on those interactions.
I especially appreciated your last sentence, which capsulized the exactly correct response to those nattering nabobs.