Sunday, 22 September 2013

That Difficult Second Issue

Cerebus #1 (December 1977)
Art by Dave Sim
(from Swords Of Cerebus #2, 1981)
So there was one problem with Cerebus' first issue not being a total disater. I now had to draw the second one. On the preview page (which was scrapped with issue 7) of the first issue, I had drawn Cerebus wearing fur and standing on a snowy slope while a number of indistinct shapes move menacingly towards him (as menacingly as indistinct shapes can move, anyway). I like the way Barry Smith drew snow in Frost Giant's Daughter and (as I haven't mentioned yet) the name of the game at this time was "Look as much like Barry Smith as possible". Short of developing a mid-Atlantic accent (half New York, half London) I was doing my level best, and ripping off the two-page splash to Frost Giant's looked like a good bet to get the second issue off to a roaring start. So sue me...

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