Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Balls & Talent

Yummy Fur (1986-1994)
by Chester Brown
(from Comics Interview #107, 1992)
...Chester Brown does amazing stuff. He comes at things from several different approaches. Just watching somebody who isn't locked into something is a treat. He'll get back to Ed The Happy Clown when he's ready to get back to Ed The Happy Clown. When he's ready to get back to Matthew, he'll get back to Matthew. It doesn't matter what people say. If that's not what he wants to do that month, well, you're going to see what he did want to do that month. That takes a lot of balls and to get to the end of an unpredicictable issue and not feel too let down, that takes a lot of talent - balls and talent together, that's usually pretty rare to find.

32-issues of Chester Brown's comic-book Yummy Fur were published by Vortex Comics and Drawn & Quarterly ran between 1986 and 1994, and featured diverse content such as the first serialised versions of Ed The Happy Clown, The Playboy and I Never Liked You.


Tony Dunlop said...

Mr. Brown is amazingly talented. Like Chris Ware, however, his stuff is so overwhelmingly creepy that I could never get into it.

Jeff Seiler said...

If you DO like creepy, however, check out the hardcover copy of his latest work, Paying For It. It's the story of his years of getting sex only from various prostitutes, until he "settled down" with just the one regular prostitute that he "sees" exclusively. Fascinating stuff.

Eric Hoffman said...

Shameless plug: Dominick Grace and I have co-edited a book of interviews with Chester Brown, CHESTER BROWN: CONVERSATIONS, a follow up to this year's DAVE SIM: CONVERSATIONS. (Among the many interviews included here is an interview conducted by none other than Dave Sim). It will be out next month from University Press of Mississippi and it includes brand new, original annotations by Chester Brown himself!