Thursday, 3 October 2013


Cerebus: Silverspoon #1 of 11
(Buyers Guide For Comic Fandon, 1980)
Art by Dave Sim
(from the Q&A at Cerebus Yahoo Group)
...Joe Matt... suggested that he and Chester Brown should re-read all of Cerebus because I was coming down to visit reasonably often and, basically, Joe's just like that. Pull out a chessboard at lunch. "Let's play chess." Uh, I'd really rather just talk, Joe. "No, let's play chess. C'mon. I'll let you be white." Most of the time you just give in because it's easier than discussing it for an hour or something. So, they both re-read Cerebus. And one of the things Chet wanted to know about was "Why aren't the Silverspoon strips reprinted in the Cerebus volume?" And I said, they are. And he said, mm, not in my copy. Really? And I went home and checked and sure enough, he was right. They weren't in there. One of those "I must've dreamed that last part" moments (apologies to Fat Freddy's Cat).

So, I made a note to put them into the next reprinting, having wrestled with whether or not to promote it as such, since that would seem like I was conniving to find a way to get everyone to buy another copy even though I was aware that a certain number of people would buy another copy. The Silverspoon strips I tend to see as being in a different category because without them Lord Julius just suddenly appears in the story with no explanation...


Anonymous said...

I think the first volume might benefit from including a few of the stories from "Swords of Cerebus": the "Silverspoon" stuff from "The Comics Buyer's Guide", the "What Happened Between Issues 20 and 21?", the "Magicking". The other extras could easily be relegated to a "Miscellanea" volume, but those three affect an appreciation of the larger story.

-- Damian T. Lloyd

Jeff Seiler said...

Not to mention, "whatever happened to Sir Gerrick?"

Still looking for that little tidbit.