Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Just A Job?

Cerebus #269 (August 2001)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
(click image to enlarge)
(from The Craft Behind Cerebus, TCJ.com, February 2011)

...It was always treated like a job. In a lot of respects Dave treated it that way too. Although Dave lived and breathed this book - he was always writing and he was always thinking about it. But for me I would go in every day and it was a 9-to-5 thing. I would try to get so much done before lunch, and try to get my page and a half done by 5-6 o'clock, pack up and go home. So in a lot of respects it was a job from day one. But - especially early on - it was a learning thing and very exciting and challenging in that way. But by the time we were at Guys, at least for me, the important thing was to get the pages done by the end of the day. At the same time I had to be happy with or at least accepting of how the pages turned out. And some of the days were better than others. One of the nice things was we always had twenty nails in the wall with clips on them and when the pages were done they would go up on the wall, and you could stand back and look at what you had done that day or that week or that month. The depressing part was taking them all down and having a wall to fill up again... But like I said, some days are better than others. That early stuff. But you have to consider the time constraints. I look back on it now and look at the stack of artwork that we’ve got, you know, it’s 6,000 pages. Who in the hell does 6,000 pages? Who were those guys? How did we ever manage to do that?...


David Birdsong said...

It's stunning what Dave and Gerhard could do on a monthly basis.

We need a "Like" button on this blog. That image is still one of my favorites ever.

Sean Michael Robinson said...

Funny you should pick that image to illustrate the quote, as that's one of the images Dave sites in the notes of the book as Gerhard being dissatisfied with his work. When I asked him about it in the interview, he said it looks pretty good to him now, but that he wished he had had more time with it. To which I'd say, "wha???"