Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Star Trek (TOS)

Star Trek (2012)
Art by Dave Sim
(via Twitter, 19 February 2014)
It's not for any particular issue right now, just a great piece of Sim art.

(from A Moment Of Cerebus, 24 February 2013)
...Chris had asked me to do a generic-variant cover and had sent images from the recent movie. And I ended up just doing Shatner and Nimoy, which he bought for another book but explained that they have the licence for the recent movies so I need to do those characters... 


Anonymous said...

Kinda captured the Tribble-like quality of The Shat's rug there, didn't he?

-- Damian T. Lloyd, art

Travis Pelkie said...

Hey, it's Star Trek: AMOC Time!

David Birdsong said...

Spock good. Kirby crackle good. Shatner good from the neck down.

Michael Hoskin said...

I would kind of love it if he simply kept submitting Shatner/Nimoy images and ignored the cast of Space Dudes.

Anonymous said...

Travis: Slow clap, sir.

Michael: Ditto.

Spock-tacular drawin' there, Dave.

-Wesley Smith