Monday, 17 March 2014

One Hundred Gerhards

Pride Stables (2012)
Art by Gerhard
This print is available to buy directly from Gerhard.
All proceeds to Pride Stables.
If you could make a hundred clones of yourself (ethical dilemmas aside), what would you set yourself to work on?

Hmmmm... hundreds of clones, eh? My first reaction would be to set them all to work completing all of the unfinished projects that have stalled. It would also be great to be able to hand off a drawing once I've done all the "fun stuff" and have my Legion of Substitute Gerhards ink all of those tiny little lines. A couple of them could cut, split and stack wood. But then I got to thinking that there are probably much better uses for the manpower. I volunteer at Pride Stables assisting with the therapeutic horseback riding programs and they can always use more help with the horses and riders, or with fundraising. There are a lot of worthwhile charities and causes that could use a couple of hundred helping hands. It'd be nice to keep one of them, though, for chores around here and to have him make me a sandwich.


David Birdsong said...

The interview was far too short. Just as it gets going it ends.

It is interesting that Gerhard is living an almost solitary, monk-like existence somewhat similar to Dave Sim.

Anonymous said...

A lot of creators live pretty solitary lifestyles- Gene Colan mentioned that it sapped an incredible amount of time from his family life, and he always regreted that. It takes a lot of quiet and time, which isn't exactly conducive to an active social calendar. The few times I've pushed myself into trying to get an art project done, I pretty much had to ignore everyone and everything to do so.

-Wes Smith