Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cerebus Action Figure In Development

Cerebus: 3D-Printed Movie-Model
(from the Kickstarter Q&A, 31 May 2014)
People, I am in production right now on creating a Cerebus Action Figure... FULLY articulated, right down to the fingers. It will stand about 8 inches tall. Have a helmet, a shield and a short sword. The Cerebus Action Figure Tail will be pose-able. Depending on where we stand on the print run of the action figure... It will most likely be a LIMITED AND NUMBERED run... Price to be determined.

The model you see in this post is a modification of the CEREBUS MOVIE MODEL. While it's nice... it is far from Dave's approval for an action figure. So I am personally remodelling Cerebus to Dave's exact wants. When it's ready... I'll post something on CEREBUSDOWNLOADS.com.

Cerebus: 3D-Printed Movie-Model
(from the Kickstarter Q&A, 31 May 2014)
I have to say that I don't know how much demand there will be for a Cerebus Action Figure. But then you never know. That's one of those things that a lot of people might be ordering in a purely "ironic" sense and then find out that they can't stop playing with it once they get it home. I sent George a number of notes on the figure and specified that whoever his "model-making guy" is would have to be cut in on the proceeds. I don't "do" work-made-for-hire as a publisher if I can help it. 

Cerebus: 3D-Printed Movie-Model


Travis Pelkie said...

Man, the moire problems are so bad that even the 3D Cerebus has to be all white ;)

Um, the "model-making" guy is a 3D printer, right? Does that get a cut of the proceeds? ;)

This looks interesting. I personally prefer a "later" Cerebus head, with a smaller snout, but this looks pretty good. (Variants!)

Ooh, can you do like those DC Super Powers figures from the mid-80s, where you squeeze the legs together and his sword arm...slightly moves (it's his ACTION, dammit!).

Even better, when you slightly tug his legs apart, you can whip out the aardvark wang.....

BillZilla said...
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M Kitchen said...

I hope we're able to get this figure more "on model".

Ethan Burns said...

What about a vest and removable ear?

lylemcd said...

Not related to this post but to whomever is running the blog: please consider putting social share buttons on your posts (If you're running Wordpress, there are plenty of plugins) so that us folks who read every day can share awesome stuff like this with the world.

Keith said...

I'm not sure if this is a new or not (I've never looked before), but there's options to share with twitter or facebook at the top of the page under the "More" drop down menu.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

I never knew that... and I've been using Blogger for over 2 years now!

Tony Palermo said...

I would love an Cerebus Action Figure!

lylemcd said...

Ah ok, I see it now. I'm used to seeing them at the bottom of the post. Thanks!