Monday, 21 July 2014

It Looked Good On Paper!

One of those "It Looked Good On Paper" things -- literally! Mimi Cruz and Alan Carroll of Night Flight Comics had sent us this incredibly cool photo of the Salt Lake City Library: worm's eye view of the superstructure for our 2006 signing. I did my part: a worm's eye view of "old Cerebus" with "Torah Cerebus" in behind and then in behind him was going to be "bartender Cerebus". Then Gerhard traced the photo and -- as soon as you looked at it -- it was definitely "What in the HECK am I looking at?"

So we went to Plan B instead.

It was when we got back from Salt Lake City that Gerhard announced that he had had enough.

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Anonymous said...

What a poignant last sentence. -Jim Sheridan