Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cerebus: The Challenge

"The Challenge" unpublished CEREBUS story. Half-sized layout (on illustration board! I must have been feeling wealthy that day!) of page one as well as the page one typescript. Obverse: the script was typed on the only examples of the "48 Weber Street East" stationery in the Cerebus Archive. Weirdly symmetrical: Deni was living at 48 Weber Street West when I met her and our first apartment together -- the one used as the model for Rick and Jaka's apartment in JAKA'S STORY -- was at 48 Weber Street East (torn down in 1978) to make way for the office building there now.


Tony Dunlop said...

Has this been posted here recently? It looks familiar.

Eddie said...

You might be thinking of the unpublished story 'Passage." Was this ever reprinted in Following Cerebus? I can't remember

Tony Dunlop said...

Found it.