Saturday, 16 August 2014

In The News!

Brandon Sun, 22 March 1982

(Submitted by Eddie Khanna. Thanks Eddie!)


Michael Grabowski said...

I could see a shopowner dropping maybe a hundred bucks on a few copies, but I don't have much sympathy for anyone that saw a stack of a few dozen and scooped them up before thinking to double-check.

David Birdsong said...

I recall reading once (I think it was in Aardvark Coment) that if you offer Dave a copy of the counterfeit to sign he will give you a few options. He won't sign his own name, but he will sign it with another artist's signature. The only one I remember is Frazetta because that is who I would choose if I had a copy for him to sign. Does anyone know the others?

David Birdsong said...

Found it, you get Frazetta, Neal Adams or Walter Simonson. Now all you need is a copy and they sell for over $1,000 these days.

Eddie said...

Margaret managed to get him to sign a fake Cerebus #1 with his real signature by mistake at the Last Signing. It was, like, 4:30 in the morning and he had been signing for hours and hours. And as soon as he did it, he realized his mistake and I think corrected it with a... Frazetta? Or was it an Adams?

Margaret said...

You remember correctly Eddie - it was a Frazetta. Dave asked if I wanted a Frazetta or an Adams. He had been up all day, and had been signing since I think it was 10pm.

picture of the real. . .no, opps, counterfeit signature on the counterfeit comic.

Steve said...

Given the posts recently keying in on plate negatives and all that, as a former pressman who also owns several authentic #1's and a fake, it's pretty obvious whoever had the fake printed had to re-strip and burn plates for at least the outside cover.

I could go into details but it would mean finding the comics and then getting brain cells to fire on work I haven't done in years.