Monday, 8 September 2014

From The Archive: Colouring Cerebus #2

Treasures From The Archive -- This is the only copy of CEREBUS No.2 with my original colour separations used. The colour was solid yellow with a graduated magenta (imitating Jim Steranko's NICK FURY AGENT OF SHIELD cover). Figuring the black would "cover" anyplace that the black and the yellow landed in the same place, I didn't worry about cutting around all the letters and the demon head. Geoff Moir ran out a copy to show me that solid black and solid yellow printed on top of each other make for a "ghoulish green". It took me a while to fix that.


Jeff Seiler said...

Another one of one! GOTTA start saving up...

David Birdsong said...

Are we getting issue 3 tomorrow? It's the covers book one day at a time.

(wishful thinking)