Friday, 12 September 2014

From The Archive: Joe Matt's Poor Bastard

Treasures of the Cerebus Archive -- THE POOR BASTARD by Joe Matt. This was during the period after I broke up with Susan (2/98) and I thought it would be interesting to go to Toronto and hang out with Joe, Chester and Seth (this was before they made it clear that they thought I was a misogynist).

And it WAS interesting: like walking into a live version of a Drawn & Quarterly comic book. Joe isn't really a drinker but I was buying (because I was the only drinker at the table) so there was a genuine conflict for him there: not really being inclined to drink alcohol vs. getting expensive things to drink for free. It's like the old Jack Benny routine where the hold-up guy says, "Your money or your life" and you have the longest silence in radio show history. Then the hold-up guy says, "WELL?" And Benny says "I'm THINKING! I'm THINKING!"

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Jeff Seiler said...

Funny story, Dave, but the funnier story was when Jack told the audience that the robber said, "Your money or your WIFE".

Even longer pause.