Friday, 19 September 2014

From The Archive: Rick Veitch's The One

Treasuares From The Cerebus Archive: I still laugh when I read Rick Veitch's dedication on the 20th Anniversary Edition of THE ONE: "M-Must Get…(knees hurt!)…Twentieth Anniversary…(Elbows hurt!)…Edition of THE ONE…(neck hurts!)…self-published! (back hurts!) To Dave from Rick (fingers hurt!)"


Sandeep Atwal said...

I read The Maximortal and Bratpack, they were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Veitch's essay in The Maximortal was one of the best comic-related essays I've ever read.

Jeff Seiler said...

In case anyone misses Veitch's reference, go back and re-read the Cerebus issues where the Roach and Cerebus race up the side of the mountain of "demon 'eads an' skuwws".