Saturday, 20 September 2014

My Kickstarter Rewards: David Birdsong!

The Cerebus Archive Number One package arrived with a few dings, but intact. It took a hit, but nothing inside was effected. The contents arrived in excellent shape and everything is accounted for.

If memory serves I only asked for "David B" on the book plates, but I could be wrong. However I ordered it Dave, as usual, went above and beyond and it looks like he had a blast lettering my name sixteen times. I couldn't be more pleased and humbled at how generous Dave is with his talents and his time. I just had to share and I don't know if I can bring myself to peel the stickers off and actually put them in the books. Perhaps when the ultimate editions are done...

And then there is the Cerebus head. Wow.

Looking very forward to Cerebus Archive Two.

(Click bookplate images to enlarge)

...With regards to the personalisation, yeah, Dave sure went to a lot of creative effort on those. I really enjoyed looking at them after he was through with them. You should have seen the one he did for Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool. Now I regret not scanning those in for our own project 'archive'. It just wasn't forefront on my mind, not when I was staring at a pile of 300 porfolios and a box of bookplates, all needing packaging and shipping.

BTW, I was curious about whether I missed the "David B." personalisation request, but I didn't see anything like that from you. However, that's the way Dave originally intended to do it, but I think he forgot and went all out! But he did mention one time that they took a long time to do.

Ok, back to catching up on things and clearing up my in-box so that I can get CANT (Cerebus Archive Number Two) up and running.

Share your Cerebus Archive Number One  Kickstarter rewards with other Cerebus fans. Send in your head-sketch and bookplate scans and get them featured here on AMOC. Contact: MomentOfCerebus [at] gmail [dot] com. Many thanks ~ Tim


Cerdic Grimbly said...

Those nameplates look great and I am SO looking forward to getting my order (of only four).
With an unusual name (Cerdic) it's going to look SO cool.
it seems that Dave has an online reputation for being "abrasive", but in any personal contact I have had with him he has been cordial and a gentleman, and then more.


DavidR90 said...

I so wish I'd gone for the head sketch now instead of just the nameplates. Hopefully he'll do them on the second one as well!!

Paul Slade said...

"Birdsong" is such a great surname. I can quite see why Dave would want to go to town on it.

Travis Pelkie said...


I hope Dave continues to offer the nameplates every Kickstarter. I don't know if I'll be able to do the 16 all at once, but depending on the price (ahem -- donation! donation!) I may go for all at once. And with the High Society A/V and the Covers book, we'll need a few more, right?

The portfolio wasn't exactly what I expected, but thinking about it, I'm actually not sure what I did expect. I'm in for the foreseeable future (especially if you guys...continue to take the time to get it all right [yeah, that's a diplomatic way of saying "especially if you guys are still this slow", right? ;)], so that I can afford to keep up with it)

I'll have to dig out my copy of 26 to compare it to the HS signature that came with my set (or am I not supposed to mention that bonus?), and I did love the 261 card. So...torn...write my name in or keep it mint...!

Sean R said...

Just to be clear-- the HS signature included is from the aborted printing from 2012.

Travis Pelkie said...

Well, yeah, that's why I wanted to compare -- see how "bad" it looked versus the copy I have (I can't remember if I have an original or a "biweekly" of 26), but I was aware the signature was one that wasn't going to be used.

Hey, if we do enough of these Kickstarters, can I end up collecting the whole book in signature form? ;)