Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Kickstarter Reward: John Scrudder!

I was doing some research on Some Hundred and Fifty year old books about the rituals of the Masonic Lodge when I saw the Fed-Ex truck outside my kitchen window. I knew what it was.

When I opened my package I found easily the coolest packaged set of Plates this side of anything IDW has done with their portfolio and Artist Edition books.

JUST INCREDIBLE! I was (Luckily) 1/26 people who received the Fully Inked CEREBUS head sketch on my Portfolio (Thanks, Dave!) and I got a wonderfully hysterical Membership card (261 - that's me in the petition line-up! ..maybe).

In regards to being fortunate enough to receive this (along with #115 on a continual basis for the future Cerebus Archive Prints), I just have to say that Dave Sim astounds me to this very day with his extreme generosity and care for his fans.

Also, the sketch of Cerebus is how I think Dave looks when he's corresponding with me!

Share your Cerebus Archive Number One  Kickstarter rewards with other Cerebus fans. Send in your head-sketch and bookplate scans and get them featured here on AMOC. Contact: MomentOfCerebus [at] gmail [dot] com. Many thanks ~ Tim


Jeff Seiler said...

Is Dave Sim actually the reincarnation of Weisshaupt? Too eerie of a coinkydik, John--you reading about those ritual rites...

Jarret Cooper said...

Cheers to Crow & Tom. Wonder what percentage of the Cerebus/MST3000 joint fanbase the two of us represent?

Travis Pelkie said...

#3 here on the MST3K/Cerebus bunch. And my portfolio # is just 2 off from Scrudder's!

Birdsong said...

I suspect there are plenty of Misties in the Cerebus fanbase. I have every episode.