Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tribute Art: Cerebus #1-200

Cerebus #1-200
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MichaelVP said...


Travis Pelkie said...

Am I right in that the only Jaka is the one in the bottom right hand corner?

Alex Robinson is damn good. If you haven't read Box Office Poison, or Tricked, or Too Cool to be Forgotten, you're missing out. Great stuff. Check Top Shelf's site!

If the "Ultimate Cerebus" ever comes about, I sure hope Robinson does do at least an issue or 2.

Travis Pelkie said...

The woman with the bashed eye was the one I thought was Jaka. Now that I posted my comment I see I forgot to make that clear....

Dean said...

I believe there are 4 images of Jaka.
Dancer - 4th down far left column (although it could be Katrina from the Beguiling).
Short haired Jaka from Church & State - 4th down 5th from the right.
Short haired sad Jaka from Minds 3rd from the right 2nd from the bottom
Bashed in eye Jaka from Minds 2nd from the right and 2nd from the bottom.

But I could be wrong.

This would make a great print.