Friday, 2 January 2015

Seiler's Ugly Christmas Card

Here is Zachary Kitchen giving a demonstration of Jeff Seiler's Ugly Christmas Card to Dave Sim. Dave brought it along to show it off to the whole Kitchen Family and little Zack quickly commandeered it. After Dave returned to Kitchener, we realized the card had been left behind. Via fax he told us:
...I already decided it's an accidentally great toy I brought for Zack.  I'll take it back in March for the Cerebus Archive after Zack has fried it.  Keep your fingers crossed that the technology hasn't advanced TOO far so that he's still playing it non-stop three months from now.
(from Weekly Update #63, 27 December 2014)
...As I wrote Jeff Seiler, if that isn't the funniest Christmas card I ever saw, it's certainly in the Top Five. Bringing a whole new meaning to the term "ugly Christmas sweater". So funny I took it with me to Mike and Erika's place on my pre-Christmas visit. Where three-year-old Zack GLOMMED onto it. I'm hoping Mike or one of the girls can shoot low-res footage of the card and post it here (we're all wondering how long the battery will last under 'three-year-old game conditions')...

I try, every year for the last several, to send Dave either the funniest or the most annoying X-mas card I can find. Apparently, this year I hit the trifecta: annoying, funny, and 3-year-old magic!

The Christmas card was a small-ish (about 4 inches by 3 inches) replica of an ugly Christmas sweater, hanging on a small hook that had "pull up" printed on it. Across the front of the sweater were the old-timey large X-ms tree bulbs attached to cords. When you pulled the hanger up, the lights lit up and the card played a melody of "Deck The Halls".

Annoying and ugly as... well, you know.

And, then, Dave took it with him to Toronto when he went to visit Mike Kitchen (Spy Guy!!!) and his family and, apparently...

Well, Dave wrote me that 3-year-old Zack found the card to be so much fun that Dave left it with Zack as his Christmas present, as Dave said he could not think of a better present for Zack. And, then, Dave told Mike that they should all pray that the battery would die sooner rather than later.

I got a very nice thank-you in return, from Dave, a few days ago. Unfortunately, I left it in my brother's car while he was visiting and now it is in Arkansas. Hope I get it back.

So, there's the story.


Jeff Seiler said...


Teeny-tiny things look HUGE in little kids' hands!!

Thank God I didn't have to pay the postage on something that honking big!


You guys make *really* cute kids!

You should bottle and sell that sorta magic.



(Don't let the cat out of the bag, folks, but it appears that one semi-misanthropic, iconoclastic guy who pretty much says leave me alone to the rest of the world, including to little gray cats (he told me they had one once (yeah, him and Deni (he called it Cat) (can you imagine the terror a cat can do to artwork in progress)), turns out?)

Dave has a soft spot for cute kids!


*I KNOW!!!*


Ooo, he's gonna be so mad at me...

M Kitchen said...

You should see Dave play road hockey, backyard soccer and "Just Dance" with the kids.

Travis Pelkie said...

Y'know, if you read just the first 2 words of this post headline....

Jeff Seiler said...


I resemble that remark!