Friday, 27 March 2015

Cerebus The Barbarian

Cerebus The Barbarian (2006)
by Dave Sim
Sold At Auction: $425 plus 19.5% Buyers Premium (August 2008)
The Earth-Pig rides supreme in this expressive illustration by his creator, Dave Sim. Rendered in ink and watercolor, the art has an image area measuring 8" x 12.5".


Anonymous said...

Now this would make a
Great Bonus print!
If Dave thinks he can do so.
I would want one!!!

Steve said...

I have to say, $500 plus for something as nice as this seems like a great deal.

That said, that phantom left leg would always really bug me.

(Hopefully now that Dave's home that doesn't sound like I'm kicking him when he's down...)

Max West said...

This is gorgeous, Dave!