Monday, 9 March 2015

Jeff Seiler's Xmas Cards

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(via email, 24 February 2015)
Okay, Tim. Explanation:  Every year, I send a Christmas card to Dave and usually get something nice back. This past year, I sent both a Christmas and Hannukah card. This is what I got back, now framed. Original art from an unspecified panel and page from Strange Death Of Alex Raymond.

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Jeff Seiler said...

Just to add, if you look closely at the word balloon, you can see a faint shadow that gives away that the lettering is cut and pasted (well, taped) to fit the inked balloon. And, I checked: He really did use a bit of masking tape folded over to stick the cut-out lettering to the artboard.

Oh, and, I suppose this could be used or unused art from either glamourpuss or SDOAR. Dunno. Just happy to have gotten it. BTW, the piece of artboard measures about 8 3/4" X 6 1/4", while the finished panel measures 6 1/4" X 5 3/8". Hard to tell from the photo.