Friday, 29 May 2015

There Might Be More To Life...

Reimagined scene from Cerebus #8 (2009)
by Dave Sim
(from Swords Of Cerebus Vol. 2, 1981)
...I had been torn between having Cerebus stay with the Conniptins and having him escape at the earliest opportunity. I tried to reason it through -- he wasn't in the best of health and he had the guarantee of warm food and some shelter. On the other hand, these were blue ribbon jerks from his standpoint -- exactly the type of person Cerebus avoided like the plague. I worried about it for a while and then decided to throw myself on the mercy of the court of fan opinion and let Cerebus wrestle with the dilemma in print...
Cerebus #8 (February/March 1979)
by Dave Sim

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