Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Thanksgiving 2016

Sean Michael Robinson:

Hello everyone!

American Thanksgiving Weekend checking in here. After working on Monday and Tuesday hammering away at Cerebus Volume One and then pivoting to finishing the Mick n' Keef sequence of Church + State II for special delivery to Jimmy Gownley, I'm taking the rest of the week off to cleanse my brain by spending some time with friends and family and temporarily forget about 4,500 or so pages of talking aardvark still remaining...

In the meanwhile, in the American tradition, I am thankful.

I'm grateful to our art hunters, who continue to turn up pages and scans of pages, and are forgiving of my occasional mistakes, like, say, horribly mangling/misspelling their names. (Sorry Steve!)

I'm thankful for all of the fellow workers in print who gave me advice over the past year, especially Mike and Colleen who gave me printer advice and eventually led me to Tien Wah Press, the fantastic printer that we'll be working with for the foreseeable future.

I'm thankful for Tim W for his incredible blog, and a venue to write these updates.

I'm thankful for Tim F, whose incredibly generous, and very timely, donations have kept us going through so much of the restoration work.

And mostly, I'm thankful for the generous Cerebus fans everywhere who have given their time, energy, and financial support to this endeavor. The outpouring of support for the last Kickstarter was amazing. It's always a pleasure, at the end of a book, to lay out those thank you pages, and see how many people contributed to the work, and in so many varied ways.

Scans of print copies. Scans of artwork. Emails, messages, reviews, shares, Kickstarter contributions. So much outpouring of support for a comic that ended more than a decade ago now. Who would have thought it?

Well, Cerebus is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. And Cerebus fans are no different.

Thanks to you all!

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Cerebus Online said...

Thanks to you and Mara for all your hard work! Because of your efforts, Cerebus will be properly preserved, the way it should be. Thank you!