Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Quick Check Restoration Update

Sean Michael Robinson:

Hello everyone!

This is just a (very!) quick note to let you all know that this will be the last weekly restoration update for a while. I'll still be posting here at AMOC regularly, but they'll be more feature-style and less a weekly check-in on what's happening in Cerebus Restoration Land. Why exactly? Mainly because hammering away at two books simultaneously while raising a miniature human is a tough row to hoe without the pressure of a weekly deadline. And minus that deadline, I can make sure that future posts are as on-topic and interesting as possible.

In the meanwhile, a huge thank you to the Cerebus art hunters that keep finding and sending in pages! Special thanks to Steven Kongsle who just sent in a great-looking High Society page from issue 35. Thanks for joining the hunt!

And keep your eye on your local comic store, where Church & State V I should be arriving soon...

... in the meanwhile, Church & State V II work continues. Here's an excerpt of an email I just received from the fantastic cartoonist Jimmy Gownley, who's seen digital files for about 40 pages of the book. absolutely astounding job. It's like if someone showed you that your beloved copy of Sgt. Pepper was somehow missing half of the instruments and vocals. I'm blown away.
Thanks for the kind words, Jimmy! You can bet we'll be quoting you on it :)

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Jeff Seiler said...

If I *don't* see Jimmy's quote on the back cover of C & S II, heads WILL roll.