Monday, 8 February 2016

Cerebus Re-Read Challenge: Cory Foster

Cerebus Vol 5 - Jaka's Story: 
...I've been looking forward to this one big-time. The main reason I love Cerebus is that its scope is so huge. The focus (and sometimes the lack of it) and dedication of Dave and Ger is astounding, and the source of much of my admiration for them. I've always been into "big" projects. Even if they aren't entirely successful, I still highly appreciate the guts that it took to produce the thing. I sometimes think of this series as the Sandinista! of comics. Warts & all. It's quite interesting, then, that in addition to crafting something so admirably gargantuan, this creative team also pulled off one of the greatest single volume graphic novels of all time (and my personal favorite, overall). ... [Read the full review here...]

Cerebus Vol 6 - Melmoth: 
...While researching Oscar Wilde for Jaka's Story, Dave was sufficiently inspired by what he read to devote an entire storyline to the author/playwright, and in the process, befuddle fans of the book by giving Cerebus even less to do than in the previous 34 issues.  As if that wasn't enough, he confused longtime readers even further by making it clear that this wasn't the same Oscar Wilde from Jaka's Story. Of course, Oscar had been taken away by the Cirinists at the end of that book, so he was a bit busy at the time. Luckily for Dave, there just so happened to be another author in Estarcion with the exact same name, appearance, and ready wit. Lucky for us, too, because this is a fantastic, haunting work that never fails to grip my heart. This may be because this is the first time that Cerebus has flirted with non-fiction, as Melmoth is the story of the real Oscar Wilde's final days... [Read the full review here...]

Cerebus Vol 7: Flight
Cerebus Vol 8: Women
Cerebus Vol 9: Reads
Cerebus Vol 10: Minds
Cerebus Vol 11: Guys
Cerebus Vol 12: Rick's Story
Cerebus Vol 13: Going Home
Cerebus Vol 14: Form & Void
Cerebus Vol 15: Latter Days
Cerebus Vol 16: The Last Day
Cerebus #0 (#51 Exodus, #112/113 Square One, #137/138 Like-A-Looks)
Cerebus World Tour Book 1995 (Swords Of Cerebus Back-Up Stories) 

The Cerebus Re-Read Challenge! How far will you get?
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crazyyears said...


I wish I had the time to compliment your Cerebus reviews to date. Having read all of them (your reviews, I mean) and having attempted something similar at one point, I just want you to know I think you are doing a great job with these. Your analytical skills are much sharper than my own and it shows in your writing. My own pieces were necessarily more personal in nature as Cerebus looms large in my life.
Anyway, Good work! Keep it up.

--- Michael Hunt

Cory Foster said...

Hey, thank you Michael. I've never been very confident in my writing, so it's good to hear that perhaps it's not quite as bad as I think. Much appreciated!