Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ditkomania #94

Edited/Published by Rob Imes
$3 US / $3.20 Canada or Mexico / $4 Rest of the world
Out Now!

A new issue of the Steve Ditko fanzine DITKOMANIA has been released! Articles include an overview of the Snyder-Ditko Kickstarter projects; reviews of the recent releases "Ditko's Shorts" and "Steve Ditko's Weird Comics"; a fictional comic strip about visiting Ditko's studio; an article on "The Family History of Steve Ditko"; a 5-page review of Ditko's "The Four-Page Series" essays; and a 1-page lettercol (including a short letter by Cerebus creator Dave Sim). Ordering information here... 

Subscriptions to DITKOMANIA are also available. Receive the new issue (#94) plus the next three issues (#95-97) for $12.00 postpaid in the USA; $12.80 in Canada or Mexico; or $16.00 everywhere else.


Margaret said...

Good stuff! I just renewed my subscription. :)

Dave Sim said...

Travis from a couple of days ago: It would be too difficult to implement right now. We'll see what the situation is after Sandeep and Fisher have had a chance to whip the new warehouse into shape. Fisher's estimate is that there's 100,000 comics in there

Rob Imes sends me DITKOMANIA for free so many thanks for that! This one delves into Ditko's childhood I'm sure WAAY more than would be to Steve's liking. Relatives are being tracked down and are starting to
"leak". My theory has always been: they're going to find out everything anyway so you might as well err on the side of TMI and be as much of an open book as is humanly possible.

iestyn said...

For a fanzine, it seems wrong that they won't respect the wishes of the person they are admiring.

Travis Pelkie said...

Woo hoo! Dave read my comment. Glad to know the idea's not completely off the table, at least.

And I need to subscribe to Ditkomania, but undoubtedly I will forget by the time I have the cash to spare...