Monday, 22 February 2016

Drawn & Quarterly

Cover art by Tom Gauld
(from a comment posted on AMOC, 17 February 2016)
Glen from a couple of days ago: I don't read anything apart from Scripture and STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND research materials (most recently Willie Seabrook's autobiography and the book his second wife wrote about him, THE STRANGE WORLD OF WILLIE SEABROOK). I DO read comics material that people send to me (a very rare occurrence).

I think Drawn & Quarterly has made it abundantly apparent that they are firmly in the Feminist Theocracy camp: Dave Sim doesn't exist and CEREBUS doesn't exist. I would read a Drawn & Quarterly book if the cartoonist who created it sent it to me. However, for the hate-filled people of that political stripe, the unlikelihood of that happening verges on the astronomical. So, for all practical purposes, for me, Drawn & Quarterly doesn't exist and its cartoonists don't exist.

I used to meet people halfway, but you can't meet closed-minded people halfway BECAUSE they're closed-minded people.

Live and learn.


Tony Dunlop said...

That's as may be, but D&Q has published some damn fine funnybooks over the years.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get through the Seabrook biography on Wikipedia and had to stop. Thought I'd vomit. Call me old-fashioned.

--Claude Flowers

Jeff Seiler said...

I just read the Wiki entry on Seabrook in about five minutes and had no fear of vomiting. Just another eccentric explorer (or "explorer") who apparently had a talent for documenting what he did. Sounds like he wasn't a particularly good person, but not to the extent of inducing vomitus (unless, of course one attempted to match him drink-for-drink).