Saturday, 28 May 2016

Photorealist Tryouts

(from Calling All Raymond/Williamson Photorealists, AMOC, 21 May 2016)
...I'm going to suggest that you -- and anyone else interesting in "trying out" for SDOAR -- do a Raymond/Williamson combination comic page and "pin-up" from time to time and post the results here. We'll obviously be able to use the best examples in the books themselves and, presumably, there will be the potential to auction the original on Ebay to justify the time you put in on it.

A great deal of SDOAR consists and will consist of traced RIP KIRBY panels and juxtaposing that with "what was going on" in Raymond's -- and particularly Ward Greene's -- life at the time.  It seems to me that there's a lot of potential just using the basic elements:  September 1956, a white Corvette with red interiors, Raymond, Drake, RIP KIRBY, HEART OF JULIET JONES.

You can download excellent scans of RIP KIRBY originals from the period at Heritage Auctions'  The style is quite different from what you get from the IDW reprints (except the handful of strips shot from the original artwork).  Put your own words on the piece in ComicCraft's Joe Kubert font:  "Here's what I have to say, visually, about Raymond's accident."...

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Sandeep Atwal said...

Nice work!

Carson Grubaugh said...

Tim, thank you for posting these. Cool to see other people going at it too!

Jason Winter said...

Thanks for posting my work! Much appreciated.

Dave Sim said...

No, I'm not really ruling anything out. There's 191 pages of me and then there's going to be pages of someone else or someone elseS. I've just mocked up a new page 3 for Karl Stevens, using the photos that he did of his wife Alexis as the store owner (NOW the co-store owner with her husband). So now it's a matter of "Karl, how interested are you in doing literal translations from my mock-ups?" Which I imagine he will know when he's done one of them.

My best advice would be to do a "comic shop at night with snow falling page" page: basically panning in on the front of the store and going in through the window, CITIZEN KANE style. That will be page 2. Karl's will be THE MILLION YEAR PICNIC (which, luckily, has a sign in the window) because he's in Boston. Carson, you could do your own version of that with a comic store in Norfolk (ask their permission of course). Jason, you could do your local store.

Send me a hard copy and I'll have a look!

Carson Grubaugh said...


What size paper and what measurments of bleed to image area have you been using so I don't make something out of proportion with the rest of the images?


Dave Sim said...

Hi Carson - 10 x 15 if it's a no-bleed page with allowance for full bleed on the 11.25 x 17.5 illustration board (I usually just keep important information out of the gutter and draw/ink right to the edge).