Friday, 24 June 2016

"Cerebus In Hell?" - Comic Strip #4

CEREBUS IN HELL? #0 ships 28th September 2016
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CEREBUS IN HELL? strip #4 -
I got the idea for this one when my neighbour was in the middle of selling his rental property triplex next door. This is a good example of what I think Hell is actually like: a continuing series of brief, unlikely dream-like premises that a) seem real and b) need to be dealt with on their own terms just before c) turning themselves into completely different premises that also need to be dealt with on THEIR own terms.

Which is a) incredibly difficult to manage and b) gets you absolutely nowhere. 

That is to say, remarkably similar to daily life in any G7 country in the 21st century. 

Hell, like Rome, wasn't built in a day. 


Stephen R. Bissette said...

Somewhere in the TABOO files is my penciled pages for a two-pager I nixed (because it was funny, not disturbing) "One Day in Hell", in which every panel shows a landlord collecting the monthly rent from a procession of trashy living spaces, from a 1988 duplex hovel to (in the penultimate panel) a caveman's hole-in-the-wall—after which, it begins all over again.

The final caption read, "In Hell, EVERY day is the first day of the month..."

Dave Sim said...

I used to have a recurring nightmare that it was a) the first day of school and b) my homework was late. I think we all have an in-built "Hell sense".

Stephen R. Bissette said...

Dave: My ONLY nightmares involve school, tests, and fretting over some aspect of that dynamic.

Hell, indeed!

Drew Ford said...

Hey, smart move sticking one for the Robert Kirkman fans (even if you didn't mean to, or even want to)!

Dave Sim said...

Thanks, Drew! CEREBUS IN HELL? It's not your father's THE WALKING DEAD.